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The typical law partnership provides perhaps the most familiar example [of agreement on prices and markets]. A law firm is composed of lawyers who could compete with one another, but who have instead eliminated rivalry and integrated their activities in the interest of more effective operation. Not only are partners and associates frequently forbidden to take legal business on their own …, but the law firm operates on the basis of both price-fixing and market-division agreements. The partners agree upon the fees to be charged for each member’s and associate’s servicse (which is price fixing) and usually operate on a tacit, if not explicit, understanding about fields of specialization and primary responsibility for particular clients (both of which are instances of market division)” The Antitrust Paradox, 1978, p.265.

Antitrust Quotes

“From search and books to online TV and operating systems, antitrust affects our daily digital lives in more ways than we think.” (Marvin Ammori)

“This law….defines te limits of competition in the community of life. You may compete to the full extent of your capabilities, but you may not hunt down your competitors or destroy their food or deny them access to food. In other words, you may compete but you may not wage war”. (Daniel Quinn)

“This antitrust thing will blow over.” (Bill Gates)

“The standard formulation on remedy is that it ought to cure past violations and prevent their recurrence. That’s what antitrust is all about.” (Charles James)

“The legislation is not aimed at protecting one party to the agreement against stipulations which may be oppressive and unfair as between him and the others; it is aimed at protecting the public interest in free competition.” (R. v. Container Materials Ltd.)

“Competition is good for consumers for the simple reason that it compels producers to offer better deals – lower prices, better quality, new products, and more choice.” (Sir John Vickers, former Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading, U.K.)


Chillin’Competition Memes Competition

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Over the last week, one of my coworkers was selling chocolate bars to raise money for after-school activities for her kids. On Friday, someone else in the office gave Halloween candy to everyone. I suggested to the original coworker that she should file an anti-trust complaint on the latter; the practice of “dumping” these products on the market below cost has eroded her market share and caused irreparable loss by reducing her profits at a high-demand time of year.




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