Economics and Competition Law

“Economics is the study of how society decides what, how and for whom to produce.” Begg, Fischer and Dornbusch “A lawyer who has not studied economics…is very apt to become a public enemy.“ Justice Brandeis (1916) “To abandon economic theory is to abandon the possibility of rational antitrust law.“ Judge Robert Bork (1978)   ItContinue reading “Economics and Competition Law”

Italian Annual Competition Law Bill: the NeverEnding Story

Article 47 of Law n. 99/2009 obliges the Italian Government to submit to the Parliament, a competition law bill to stimulate competition in the Italian market. The bill should be submitted on a yearly basis, taking into account the Annual report that the Italian Competition Authority submits every summer to the Parliament. In February 2015, theContinue reading “Italian Annual Competition Law Bill: the NeverEnding Story”